The Deli

Weekend special! Sourdough and Smoked Peanut Butter Bundle

Click and collect ONLY on Saturdays and Sundays in London N5 (or book a Pedal-Me delivery). Order by 8am Thursdays.
Linda's 750g sourdough loaf is the perfect vehicle for conveying smoked peanut butter to the belly! It's a partnership that enhances both bread and peanut butter, and takes snacking to the next level

A jar of sweet chilli sauce with a shiny label

Sweet chill sauce

Hot, sweet, and full of tongue-tingling aromatics that satisfy all the senses.
This sweet (hot) chilli sauce is packed full of red chilli, garlic, galangal, lemongrass and soy, underpinned by a caramelised sugar syrup that adds dark sweetness.
So versatile, this is a moreish dipping sauce for spring rolls, tempura prawns or beef skewers but is also delicious when added to mayonnaise for sandwich fillings or in salad dressings.
Low fat, high flavour, high energy!

A jar of smoked peanut butter

Smoked Peanut Butter 300g

After roasting, the peanuts are cold-smoked for 5 hours to add a delicious, deeply savoury note to this versatile spread. Don't just have it on toast! It's great in dressings, stir-fries and added to mayo for a satay-style dip.
NO added sugar, just peanuts and sea salt.

Daffodil Soup Smoked Peanut Butter 250g 500g

Smoked mature cheddar

Mature Cheddar cheese* is cold smoked for up to 10 hours for a deep, smokey flavour. Perfect in a toasted sandwich, or take your Mac n cheese to the next level by adding some to the sauce.

*Contains dairy

a label that reads Linda's Smoked Halloumi

Smoked Halloumi 235g

Halloumi cheese* is cold smoked for up to 10 hours for a deep, smokey flavour. It's perfect grilled or pan-fried - anywhere you would use regular halloumi, use this instead! A great vegetarian option for brunches and BBQs

*contains sheep and goat milk

A label that reads Linda's smoked feta cheese

Smoked feta cheese 180g

Feta cheese* is cold smoked for up to 10 hours for a deep, smokey flavour. It's perfect crumbled into a salad, baked with vegetables or in a pasta sauce.

*Contains sheep and goat milk

Patterned gift box containing clotted cream fudge

Clotted cream fudge

Handmade fudge* with Devonshire clotted cream, vanilla and a pinch of sea salt, this sweet treat just melts on the tongue. Presented in a gift box, perfect for the fudge aficionado in your life.

*Contains dairy